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Daniel Purnomo - professional guitarist in Singapore has been playing guitar for more than 25 years. He has worked and played in concerts, club gigs, corporate functions, festivals, weddings, recordings, musical theatre as well as for Mediacorp TV in Singapore such as Ruth Sahanaya (one of Indonesian Divas), Syaharani (Indonesian Jazz Singer), Shanti ( Indonesian MTV's DJ), Babes Conde (Vocal Coach on Singapore Idol and well-known Musical Director in Theatre Circles), Jose Mari Chan (Filipino Diva), Kumar (Local Comedian), Adlan Cruz (Puerto Rican pianist), Roberto Fernando (Singaporean Crooner and Entertainer), Juliet Pang (Local Jazz/Original Vocalist-Songwriter/Indie Artist, Pianist, Ukulelist), Didi Mudigdo (Jazz Vocalist-Pianist, Bassist, Harmonica Player, Ukelelist), Shili & Adi (Local Pop/Top 40 Duet), Alicia Pan (R&B Singer & Songwriter), Shimona Kee (Local Singer& Songwriter), Joanna Dong (Jazz Singer), Tay Kewei (Singer& Songwriter and former backing vocalist for David Tao and Wang Lee Hom), Bavelyn Khoo (Singer& Songwriter), Teo Boon Chye (Yamaha Saxophone Endorsee), Yap Shu Mei (Violist& Songwriter), and...many more. 

As a Composer, he won the 3rd prize for open category in ExxonMobil Song Writing Competition 2004 in NUS - Singapore. He was also in Top Ten Finalists of NTU - Singapore Music Express 10, Chinese Song Writing competition in 2004. He was the only one from hundreds contestants who does not speak Chinese. He managed to get his song translated into Chinese. In 2011 he showcased many of his original compotitions to many appreciative reviews at the Esplanade, at both the Concourse and its Outdoor Stage. 

Combining classical fingerstyles with a pop-jazz orientation, Daniel instantly brings a wider range of sounds to all the bands he plays with. His finger style technique enables him to play as ‘a band in the guitar’ or ‘self-accompanied solo guitar’. This is achieved by simultaneously playing chords, bass lines and melodies with only one guitar. Stylishly mixing Latin, jazz and funk, Daniel’s unique expression is fueled by his constant exploration of new guitar sounds.

Daniel currently plays for many exclusive corporate and private functions (private weddings, private events in Singapore and overseas) such as F1 season events, a Heineken event in Hong Kong with local singer Dawn Ho, Carlsberg promotion event, Cortina, Omega, Lufthansa Airlines with Tay Kewei, Ermenegildo Zegna and many more. Weekly performances as a resident musician in our local live music scene keeps him occupied. He has anchored gigs as the leading guitarist in Singapore such as Via Mar Spanish restaurant at Esplanade, Bar Celona at Robertson Walk, Harry’s Bar Holland Village, BarStop, Novus, Harry’s Bar, Indochine Water Front, Old Brown Shoe Bukit Timah Rd, Marina Bay Sands Casino, Quarubar, Fabrika at Klapsons Hotel, Sol Tasca at Fullerton Boat House, Outpost 903 Gastrobar at Bukit Timah Rd, 7Kickstart at Armenian Street, Singapore Cricket Club, Cafe B at Marina Bay Sands, The Loft Cafe at South Bridge Rd, Roomful of Blues at Prinsep Street, Blu Jaz at Bali Lane, Stuttgart at Middle Road, Pan-Pacific Orchard Hotel, just to name a few.

He is frequently partnering prominent live music venues such as 7KickStart Cafe and The Loft Cafe to co-produce and perform concept shows that have been gaining overwhelming popularity and support by the public. Daniel understands the value and power of great live music in bringing joy to people’s lives as well as creating loyal and repeat customers to the businesses he partners with. He constantly develops his concept shows with more ideas, guest stars and partner venues to bring music closer to public.

Daniel’s reputation and dexterity in fingerstyle technique has brought him visibility to Yamaha and he was appointed the brand’s acoustic guitar showcase demonstrator since March 2011.He also conducts music and guitar workshops, guitar ensemble clubs as well as individual lessons where he shares, teaches, trains and equipts his students in a practical and fun way. His current passion is to master ‘touchstyle playing’ on double-neck electric guitars that he uniquely designs himself. This technique enables the player to simultaneously express two inter-dependent ideas while playing, as all fingers on both hands could produce the notes by tapping the string on the fingerboard. (Contrast this with the traditional way of plucking, which requires both a pressing finger and a plucking finger to sound a note) 

Touchstyle playing, therefore, is like having two guitarists playing at the same time. This technique also incorporates and compliments the others such as slapping, sliding, harmonic etc. As such the unique characteristics of guitar playing will still be fully expressed.Daniel also designs other artistic 'concept' guitars that stand out from the ‘mainstream look’ guitars in the market. He strongly believes in individuality and originality in that guitars are a platform of visual arts expression as well as fine musical instruments. 

View Daniel’s creativity concept music and designs at www.dpurnomoconcept.com 

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